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An Insight into NIEC

Nakshtra Institute of E-commerce , a subsidiary of The Nakshtra Education Society, was setup in 2010. We sense there is a demand-supply difference when it comes to skills in e-commerce and digital intelligence. We aim to empower students who are looking to get a break-through after college, working professionals looking to add on to their careers or for entrepreneurs to explore more ideas for their start up.

We have a unique endeavour, that of helping India grow by supporting "Digital India", "Start-up India" and "Skill India" campaigns initiated by Hon'ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi.

We aim to facilitate Graduates/Post graduates and educational institutions in meeting their goals and objectives by providing both face to face and virtual classes.

For students, the foremost goal is to find their footing in the corporate world. Firstly, getting employed and secondly, finding the right employment to cater to their specific skill(s).

For the educational institutes, the goal is to enable more efficient placement of the students and thereby, getting a good reputation among the various business houses.

And this is where NIEC steps in, transforming your aspirations from a possibility to a certainty.

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